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Outstanding Spanish Guitar Music for your Wedding!

It’s your big day, not mine. You’re making a big promise, and entrusting the sound of a very important moment to me. Here are my promises to you:

I will be honest and transparent in my communication before, during, and after your wedding. On your wedding day:
We will be responsive to your needs, adjusting the musical feel, style, and volume level as demanded by the moment, or as requested by you.
We will treat your guests with courtesy and respect, endeavoring to enhance their enjoyment of your wedding day.
We will remember the dignity and importance of your wedding day, maintaining a professional attitude and appearance at all times.
We will respect your venue’s property and all personal property.
We will be courteous to your other service providers, making sure their jobs go as smoothly as possible.
You will be treated the way I’d want to be treated on my wedding day.


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